Sunday, March 31, 2013

What's in my travel bag?

So if you guys didn't know I'm off to New York on Monday and I'm literally so excited! I decided to do a vlog on 'what's in my travel bag' as I've never been on a flight this long so I've brought a few bits to try and keep me occupied on this 7-8 hour flight! I haven't planned to buy much apart from a Michael Kors watch that I've saved up for so if you know of anything I MUST buy when out there then let me know!

I will be back on Sunday/Monday next week but I have scheduled a few posts for you lovely guys to keep reading! Follow my on Twitter if you want to stay on touch and I will probably end up still sitting on my phone despite being in the Big Apple! 

Let me know if you would like me to vlog during my time in New York!
Gemma x

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Cybercandy - Red Velvet Cupcake Bites

Cybercandy - Red Velvet Cupcake Bites*

So I received these bites a while age and I was so excited to try them! Everyone raves about the whole 'red velvet cupcakes' and I had never tried them so I was hoping to feel like I was in heaven when trying these mini bites. Unfortunatly this wasn't the case and didn't taste at all like I expected. They had a very slight crunch in the middle and had a very weird taste on the outer coat, really not my kind of taste. From what I'm guessing they don't taste like red velvet cupcakes, which is kind of what I was hoping for. I wouldn't buy these for anybody however this was only because of my personal taste, plus my family agreed with me. 

The packaging of the product is so cute and you can tell they pay attention to detail when CyberCandy box your treats! Some of the other bites such as the Cookie Dough are amazing and I have actually purchased these for little pick me ups for my friends. If they've had a stressful week from essays and what not I will send them a little treat for their weekend which works really well, plus they love a bit of candy!

Despite these specific bites not being my taste I'm definatly up for trying the other versions as the ones I've had in the past were delicious!

Have you tried any CyberCandy products?
Gemma x

Monday, March 25, 2013

The Birth Of Converse

(Photograph taken from here)

I only got my first pair of converse ever around a month age and I haven't looked back since. Have you never wondered where Converse originated and how they got their name? If you go out anywhere you will never fail to find one person wearing a pair of Converse, why is that? Don't get me wrong, they are comfy, cool and chic and everybody's wearing them!

Around 1908 a man names Marquis Mills Converse one day decided to start a rubber sneaker company. Chuck Taylor then joined the company, how is happened nobody will ever know. At this point the all star sneaker has been introduced and since then has become a classic in nearly everyones shoe closet. Apart from converse providing footwear for sportsmen they also produced products for servicemen at war! Converse then went on to becoming associated with the rock era where they would take a key role in their outfits. Around 1974 they have a bit of a makeover which made them colourful and bold! 

So as you can tell Converse has been around for a very long time always adapting new fashion and events make them fit for everybody. “Our company was organized in 1908 fully believing that there was an earnest demand from the retail sneaker dealer for a rubber sneaker company that would be independent enough not to follow every other company in every thing they do.” 

Did you know about the birth of Converse?

Gemma x

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Thursday, March 14, 2013

Along Came Betty - Pure Pores Mask

Along Came Betty - Pure Pores Mask

So I actually got this mask given to me by my Mum a while ago as she has really sensitive skin and can't use many products. So seeing as I was looking for some sort of cosmetic to help my pores I decided to give it a try. If I'm honest I've never even heard of 'Along Come Betty' beforehand and didn't think much of the product except that it is in a lovely and cute packaging. If I cut to the chase, this mask is the best mask I have ever used and will continuing purchasing this forever.

The product is quite creamy with small beads in to exfoliate the skin while massing on. It spreads very easily and generously therefore you don't need much product. I put this on before going into the shower, wash my hair etc and then rinse off the mask, so I would say I leave it on for around 10-15 minutes and use it once a week. I can see I definatly see the results in that my pores are a lot smaller and less visible, it also leaves my skin feeling very soft and clean I think this is because of the exfoliating beads. 

Looking just now this mask is only £4.99 and is actually a Tesco product which makes me even more impressed. I've been using this product a while and I'm not even half way through so it is definatly worth the money. If you're looking to minimise your pores I would recommend giving this a try and I would love to hear if it worked for you! 

Gemma x

Thursday, March 14, 2013


Google Reader is shutting down in July and GFC is probably next in line so before it goes I would be very grateful if you could following me on Bloglovin here!

Just thought I'd let you guys know about that and also that I'm not dead! I'm still alive (just about). I have so many essays due right now it's crazy but I will be about shortly! I'm also on the Youtube scene so check my posts out on there! Hope you guys are having an amazing week!

Gemma x

Saturday, March 09, 2013

Morning Update + Giveaway

- As you can tell by the picture, I would be extremely grateful if you guys nominated me as Best Personal Style Blog by clicking on the picture in the sidebar! I've been running my blog for around 2 years and winning something like this would be a dream come true!

- I currently have a lot of essays due in at University at the moment but I'm trying my best to blog, I probably won't be able to do one a day but you should definatly see a post from me as least once a week as I do have some amazing outfit posts coming up! 

- I'm extremely close to 300 followers and once I hit that big mark I will be hosting an AMAZING giveaway, I can't tell you guys what it is just yet but once we are nearer I will announce the amazing prizes I have lined up for you guys to win!

- Lastly, I do have a Youtube channel and I am uploading to that more often now so I would love if you guys subscribed, don't worry if you miss any as I will be doing a blogpost on them as well! My Youtube channel is here

Hope you had a lovely weekend!
Gemma x

Thursday, March 07, 2013

GOSH Spring 13 Event

The other day I was kindly invited to the GOSH Spring 2013 Press Event. I have never actually tried GOSH make up but have always wanted to try some of their products out. What I noticed about all their products is that they have an amazing texture, really good pigmentation and amazing price range which is really affordable compared to the quality. I will hopefully be doing a tutorial shortly featuring some of their make up so make sure you check out my youtube here and subscribe so you don't miss it.

Growth Mascara and Growth Serum
So their new range included of the Growth Mascara and Growth Serum. It contains the ingredient SymPeptide which lengthens and thickens the eyelashes giving you visible results in 2 weeks. I will blog about this and get back to about whether it actually works! The growth serum can be used underneath mascara or at night time and is advised to use everyday. It can also be used on your brows to thicken and increase the number of hairs. The mascara is priced at £8.49 and the serum at £14.99 which is amazing depending on whether it works, I will let you know!

BB Skin Perfecting Kit
The next part of the range is their BB Skin Perfecting Kit. This kit really reminds me of the Bobbi Brown concealer the only difference is that this kit is only £9.99! You're meant to apply the light colour under your eye, the darker over blemishes/flaws and the highlights to contour your face. The only downside is that these only come in 2 different shades but 01 Light is perfect for me even though I have pale skin!

Velvet Touch Eye Liner and Ultimate Eyeliner
Next is their Velvet Touch Eye Liner and Ultimate Eyeliner. The velvet touch eye liner come in 2 new colours, a deep blue and gold. They are so soft and really easy to apply giving you amazing coverage. It's also waterproof which is great if you're living in London! The ultimate eyeliner again has amazing pigmentation and is really soft. It comes with a smudger allowing you to create a softer look. This comes in 3 colours, back in black, raw grey and kind of blue! The velvet touch eyeliner is £4.99 and the ultimate eyeliner is £5.99.

Nail Lacquers
Lastly are their Nail Lacquers which come in 6 new colours, Tropicana, Tilted Blue, Venus, High School Flirt, Greed and Girls on Film. They have a thin texture and well designed brush to make is even easier to apply. It dries quickly and has an amazing covers, two coats is all that is needed! These come at £4.99 which again I think are amazing prices! 

What do you think of the range?
Gemma x

Wednesday, March 06, 2013

Walkers - New Range

This is not my usual post but I actually found this really interesting as well as supporting it! Gary Lineker and his dad Barry Lineker have appeared together on television for the first time ever to announce that Walkers are now using home grown British ingredients in their range of crisps. They will be replacing all the chemical flavourings and flavour enhancers and replace them with genuine British ingredients  I think this is a great idea and if anything, makes me feel even prouder to be British. Within the video you will see Gary and Barry, who has been a fruit and vegetable seller for over 3 decades, take us on a journey to launch Walkers new direction. They meet up in their home town (Leicester) in a market then travel in the coolest car ever to Evesham for tomatoes a potato farm in Hook and dairy farm in Ditcheat. Walkers currently hold a whopping 47% of the British crisp market and this moves shows why.

What do you guys think about the change?
Gemma x

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Monday, March 04, 2013

New Look High Summer Press Day

So a few days ago I was invited to attend the New Look High Summer Press Day which was amazing! I went with one of my good friends and blogger Sharon as well as meeting Annie and Joanna. We were treated to amazing Margaritas, snacks as well as complimentary eyelash extensions and eyebrow threading. Me and Sharon decided to get our eyelashes done and they came out amazing, I have no idea why I never got it done before! 

The whole collection had a Mexican feel to it and I was loving it, I really loved the textures and colour palette of the range, something I definatly feel comfortable in and can't wait to rock out this Summer. New Look are my favourite retailers and their Summer collection has impressed me further. There's quite a lot of denim going on as well as an Aztec theme, something I'm both a big fan of. The collections are called Pagan Cowgirl, Pleasant Ville and Eastern Trail. It's really beach like and has beautiful textures, something I will be wearing a lot of on holiday. 

Another thing I loved with this collection is their jewellery and accessories. New Look never fail to impress me with their jewellery and accessories, they're always on trend and at such amazing prices. I actually received a necklace from them which you will be seeing soon as I'm officially in love with it!

Gemma x

Sunday, March 03, 2013

Flawless Friends Meetup + Harlem Shake


Shore, Helen, Shope, Claire, Me, Zoe, Sarah, Holly, Lily
(Taken from @witchskincare on Twitter)

So on Saturday the flawless friends from Witchskincare met up for a game of Bowling. I cannot explain how much fun this was, especially as me and Zoe were hitting the cocktails hard (I still can't remember the name). It was amazing fun and I showed off my skills resulting in my winning the game and my own golden pin! The amazing Lisa Valencia was on hand to complete our make up and I literally mean this when I say she is a god of make up. Usually I want to change a bit of what the make up artist has done but what she did to me was perfect and I nearly cried having to take it off! 

We all got our own personalised bowling shirt which I will probably be wearing again (check out my Instagram) which made me feel like a pro. Burgers, doughnuts and a good few cocktails later the event ended and headed home. Until me, Claire, Shope and Shore decided it would be good to drink some more cocktails and went to a bar called KINK in London which is amazing and so cheap! I had an amazing day all thanks to Witch and their amazing event planning. 

Lastly, we decided to do a Harlem Shake so check it out on YouTube here

Gemma x