Tuesday, July 31, 2012

OOTD Nick of Time

Dress and Belt - SimplyBe*

I got this dress in the post the other day and I was so excited to try it on! I'm such a lover of skater dresses and couldnt wait to try this one as it was slightly more formal than my other skater dresses. It has chiffon like sleeves which really flatters the arms and comes with a beautiful tan knotted belt! The fit is really good with the dress as normally dresses are too tight on my top half and too loose on my bottom half but this is honestly perfect! The only thing I would slate about this dress is that it didn't look much like the colour on the websites, however I was much happier with the colour in real life and preferred to the online version! I would say its slightly more darker in person and less 'in your face green' - sorry thats the best way I could describe it!

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Gemma x

Monday, July 30, 2012

OOTD We All Wear Crowns

 Blazer - New Look
Shirt - Primark
Skirt - H&M
Necklace & Bangle - New Look

I actually have worn this outfit a few times since buying this blazer, I wore it to the press days on Thursday and then today when I went to run some simple errands on the high street. I am in love with this jacket, it brings colour to any outfit but I especially love it when colour blocking in this outfit! Its also really lightweight and casual do it could be dressed up or down! 

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Gemma x

Sunday, July 29, 2012

£150 Skin Health Spa Giveaway!

The lovely people at Skin Health Spa have very kindly offered me a £150 voucher to give away to my readers! Now my blog I feel has started to really kick off and I never did a giveaway to celebrate my 100/150 followers so I thought this was a perfect prize! You can use these vouchers at any of their clinics and these vouchers run out on the 31st December 2012 so you have plenty of time! I've actually been to the one in Marlybone and received the most amazing massage ever so I'm sure who ever wins will be pampered!

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Saturday, July 28, 2012

River Island AW12 Collection

It was a Thursday rammed full of press events and Laura, Becca, Clare, Mary and I also had got to check out River Islands AW12 Collection. This collection really put me into the mood for Christmas with the massive red balls from the ceiling! The collection focused on black, gold and silver while also focusing strongly on texture, especially a mix of them! This collection is called Baroque and Roll and I think it’s their best collection yet! There was a massive range of jewellery, especially body jewellery and they really made each outfit looks glamorous while giving it a bit of edge. 

Gemma x

Friday, July 27, 2012

Liz Earle Loose Finish Powder

Liz Earle Natural Loose Finish Powder
RRP - £19.50 

I am so excited about Liz Earles new make up range, it was their next big move and boy did they master it! So far I've tried their tinted moisturiser but I had to try their Loose Finish Powder. I've never actually used Looser Powder as I normally stick to Compact so I was pretty interested in this one! My current powder is from Collection 2000 and there is nothing wrong with it, I don't think I realised though how much powders can have an impact on your make up since using this one! Liz Earles Powder really sets my face giving it a matte yet natural finish. It also sets the concealer and foundation really well without giving it a cakey look, the powder itself is very soft and extremely easy to apply. 

As you can see in the picture above I havn't edited it except from increasing the warmth which doesn't actually do anything to the face. You can see that my skin looks flawless and matte, I even used a flash in this picture! Now for me £19.50 is a lot to spend on powder although this really is to me a high end product as it gives high end results. If you are willing to spend that amount of money then I recommend this one! I used to be against high end products and lived on drug stored products but since using this I may have to investigate into some others...

Gemma x

Thursday, July 26, 2012

LBD Revamp - Goddiva



Since turning 18 I'm always on the lookout for simple yet eye capturing dresses that I can wear clubbing as I didn't have many outfits suitable. Obviously a little black dress is perfect for the occasion and you can never go wrong with them although I wanted a little revamp on the simple LBD, something that made it more special and glamorous. After searching through Goddiva and their Party Dresses they have so many beautiful dresses and here are my top 6 Revamped LBD's. 

1 - I have seen so many different versions of this type of dress and have been looking into getting one as I love the details that give the dress a bit of rock and roll feel. I thought this one was perfect as it isn't too over the top and the pattern is really flattering for any body shape giving the effect that you have an hour glass figure. 

2 - As you can see by this post I'm loving the whole silhouette dress. I liked this one in particular as it has little studded detail on the silhouette pattern making it that little bit more special. This would be amazing to  give somebody with a Boyish frame that Hourglass figure as the silhouette isn't right on the sides its slightly in the middle therefore helping the optical illusion!

3 - I love this dress as it's so simple, you can chuck on a black blazer for a day at work, throw it over some leggings with boots of dress up with some heels and jewellery at night. The simple design again makes this dress eye capturing yet very versatile as it isn't too in your face.

4 - I had seen a similar dress like this in H&M without the beads on the side, if you're like me and don't feel overly comfortable in a bodycon all the time then this is perfect, pop up a red lipstick with the dress to give it a real sexy feel to it! The sheer top and bead design on the sleeves really give it that edge!

5 - This one is similar to number one although toned down a lot! The design isn't too empowering yet makes the dress more special, I love it in a bandeau style as this also makes the dress look more special and glamorous of short sleeves. You barely need any accessories with this and the design acts as a belt as well! If you don't want to wear such an eye capturing dress but still want to look special then this one if for you! 

6 - This is one of my favourite silhouette dresses, instead of black and white it's black and peach, it really adds to giving you an hourglass figure and can easily be dressed up and down. With this I would wear a statement collar necklace a studded back to give it some rock and roll and contrast with the subtle pink!

What's your favourite dress?
Gemma x

** This is a sponsored post. 

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

OPI Nail Strengthener

(When I first applied the two coats)

(1 Week and a bit of using this nail strengthener)

I hate it when my nails get to a nice length but they break so easily and I then have to cut and start over again. After searching around the blogosphere I came across OPI's Nail Strengthener and with such good reviews I had to try it out as I was desperate to get healthy long nails! The first thing I feel I should mention is the price, now I have found loads of different prices but it generally retails at around £10 which I think is pretty expensive for a nail varnish, I usually don't mind spending £3 at most. Thanks to Richard at OPI I was lucky to receive this as a sample, and if my nails were in serious, and I mean serious need of treatment then I would probably purchase this again as it did show results although £10 is quite expensive for me.

Now I actually read instruction on how to apply this product, you're meant to apply two coats and then every other day another coat. Once it's been a week, take it all off and start over again. I didn't really like applying the coats on top of each other as often as I found it going quite bubbly due to the obsessive amount of layers so instead I used my Bourjois Nail Varnish Remover as I find that isn't as harsh on the nails and take it off after a week and then re apply. This worked well for me and as you can see in the results above I did find it working. My nails grew longer but they weren't as brittle as they used to be, they wouldn't break as easily! When first starting I don't think I cut them short enough so that they could grow back as healthy as possible so this week I will probably recut them quite short and then start from there. 

I would recommend this product if your nails were very brittle and broke easily, if your nails are pretty healthy already then don't bother as I don't think it's worth spending £10 on a nail varnish unless you can afford to splash out! It did give good results and I have noticed my nails strengthen, if the price was lower then I definatly would be repurchasing this more often!

Gemma x

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Beauty UK - False Lash FX

For a cheap, high street brand mascara I was really surprised with this mascara. I'm always on the look out for my monthly favourite mascara as I always find that cheap high street brands like Beauty UK and Collection 2000 do amazing mascara's which saves spending around £10 on other brand mascaras that have the same effect! I do really like this mascara and for £3.99 you cannot go wrong! If you're looking for a cheap mascara that still gives a good job then this is the mascara you want to buy!

Starting with the packaging I've found that the print hasn't rubbed off yet compared to one of my Collection 2000 mascara's. The packaging isn't something I love and personally I feel it gives it a bit of a cheap look but it matters whats on the inside I guess haha! The wand is quite long and the there are two different lengths of bristles which is something I really liked. The shorter bristles were great for my bottom lashes and the longer were great for my top!

The mascara itself is also really good quality, it doesn't clump my eye lashes and it really does separate and give volume! It's not as pigmented as some of the other mascaras I've had in the past and not waterproof but I think it is a great inexpensive mascara. If you guys want a before and after shot of the mascara on my eyelashes just comment and ask, I havn't done one as I'm trying to steer clear of make up so that when I go on holiday I have a fresh face :)

Gemma x

Sunday, July 22, 2012

Sunday Update

 (Photograph taken by me)

Sorry for not sticking to my daily posts this month, I really did try but I have had such a busy week/weekend it has been unreal! Firstly, on Thursday I went up to London planning to go to two press days for Matalan and Missguided and then bumped into Laura from That's So Yesterday and tagged along with her to River Island press day and Motel Rocks! I also met the amazing Becky from Fashion Train and Claire from Rainbows and Fairy Dust (pictures will come this week). I spent Friday basically organising myself, catching up with emails etc...

Saturday I had work, I work in a toyshop and love my job! That was til 6pm and in the evening i had my FIRST EVER PHOTOGRAPHY JOB! Yes I was super excited about that seeing as I was actually getting paid for it. It was my big step into Photography, I've never wanted to take it at Uni and I know how hard it is to get into but I've always wanted to do it as a side job as it is something I have a passion for. I was slightly nervous but it went well and I don't have any of the outcomes unfortunatly as I gave it to her on a card but I shall try get some previews for you guys! Anyways back to blogging, I have some good reviews, tips and tricks and finally outfit posts :)

Gemma x

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

New Arrivals - Glamorous


So these are some of the newer dresses at Glamorous and I can't stop but browse their site, their new pieces are to die for! Glamorous is one of those online brands that are starting to get discovered and I am so glad they are as they have some of the most beautiful pieces of clothing I have seen and not only that but they are very reasonably priced! I think my most favourite out of the four above is either the blue lace skater dress or the dress with the pearl collar, I just can't decide between them! If you havn't checked out their website before I totally recommend it, they have dresses for all occasions - clubbing, day wear and holiday, they have some lovely new maxis too! What's your favourite dress?

Also very quickly I have now added Bloglovin' to my site on the right side bar so if you could follow me on that too it would be very appreciated!

Gemma x

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Escada Perfume Review

I've been really getting into my perfume lately so when I had the chance to smell and review these Escada perfumes I jumped at the offer! I received the three limited edition scents called Island Kiss, Sexy Grafitti and Rocking Rio. The packaging for each bottle is beautiful and makes them look extra special. They're also very colours and bright which goes along with their summer like fragrence and comes with a little charm which really adds a special touch. Since wearing my favourite scent, Island Kiss, loads of my friends have been complimenting me saying I smell really nice, woo! 

Island Kiss is a very tropical, exotic fragrence and is something I will definatly be taking away with me on holiday! I love how it's so fruit and fresh yet isn't too strong and in your face. If you were to get this fragrence I find you would have to top out throughout the day so that you can still smell the scent. Moving onto Sexy Graffiti which is my second favourite out of the three! Again this is a very summer scent although it isn't as fruity as the Island Kiss. Sexy Graffiti is very similar to Island Kiss although I would say that  Sexy Graffiti  has a slightly less fruit and more mature smell to it but again isn't too overpowering! Moving onto Rocking Rio and probably my least favourite out of the three but a scent I still love! I find this scent to be less summer like and more of a mature perfume without the granny scent to it! If you're into fruit scents I wouldn't recommend this one for you!  Overall, I love Escada and I think I've finally found my perfume that I can get people to buy for me!

Gemma x

Monday, July 16, 2012

Models Own Nail Art Pens - Blue

(Left finger with brush, right finger with needle)

I've been really getting into my nail art pen especially after rediscovering my ancient nail art pens from Argos that I got for my birthday. Unfortunately I only liked about 3 colours out of the 7 and they had all dried up so I decided to invest into some new Nail Art Pens but had no idea what ones to pick! I have heard a lot about Models Own Nail Art Pens and was lucky enough to get this beautiful blue one sent out to me to try! What I like about this one compared to my old nail art pens is that it is much more pigmented and never had to go over it like I did with some of my old ones.

Firstly, the packaging is so beautiful and creative, it really stands out and you can also use it as design ideas, I really want to try the eyeball design on my nails next! The bottle is fairly similar to all the other nail art pens, it's very sleek and I love the print on these ones! This nail art pen can be used in two different ways, with the thin brush by unscrewing the lid or with the needle by pulling off the lid, this allows you to create different designs in more detail. I personally use the needle to create circle although I'm still perfecting this haha!

Overall, I'm really pleased with the results I definatly will be getting these nail art pens in other colours and be trying out some designs, my next colours on the list are red black and white, I then will have the basic colours and probably end up buying them all! If you're looking for some quality nail art pens I definatly suggest investing into these pens, even though they are £4 and are double the price compared to some of the standard non brand ones you are paying for quality! Have you ever tried any of these pens?

Gemma x