Saturday, June 30, 2012

Prom Dress

Newlook - £29.99
(Sorry for the bad quality)

So on the day of prom I decided to go out looking for a prom dress and lucky I spotted this number in Newlook! It's a royal blue dip hem dress with a gold chain strap, this just made the dress look that extra bit special. It is super comfy to wear and is still 'me' as I'm not a huge fan of maxi dresses so this was perfect for a bit of elegance and a bit of 'me'! I think for £29.99 it is a bargain as you can wear this more than once where as I feel the maxi dress that I brought was slightly a one occasion kinda thing! Overall it was a lovely evening, I really enjoyed myself and it was nice to catch up with friends that I havn't seen due to exams! 

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Gemma x

Thursday, June 28, 2012

Moroccanoil Review

This is one of those products that I have heard a lot about and every review I have read has said it is one of the best products they have tried. After having to have a good few inches cut of my hair a while ago I wanted to make sure I kept it in amazing condition so that never had to happen again, I decided to try out Moroccan Oil especially as my prom is coming up and I want my hair to be in the best condition as possible! This bottle is from Hairtrade and retails at £29.95 which is quite a lot for a hair treatment although when looking around on the web you don't find it much cheaper unless you're buying on eBay. 

The packaging on the bottle definatly makes up a little bit for the price, it's a tinted glass and like you can see in the pictures above, it has Moroccanoil engraved in the side to make it that little bit more special. It originally comes with a cap and you then screw on the pump when you're ready to use, this makes it great if you wanted to travel with it! 

The oil inside isn't as heavy as I expected it to be, which is a good thing in my opinion. The first time I tried it I put a tiny bit too much on my hair (way too much!!!) and it did make my roots a little bit oily but I simply just washed the roots with water, blow dried it and everything was fine, I really should have listened to the instructions! The next time I used it I put two pumps into my hands, rubbed them together and styled it through my hair concentrating on my tips. This worked much better and left no oily residue. 

I really do love this product, I definatly would purchase this product again although I may have to restrict how much I use it as personally £30 is a lot of money for me to be spending on a hair treatment! It left my hair feeling shiny, soft, and put life back into my dull hair! I genuinely would give this product a 10/10, not only does it have immediate effect but it helps nourish and protect your hair!

Would you ever try Moroccanoil?

Gemma x

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Tweezerman Ombre Edition

When finding out about Tweezerman's Ombre Hot for Dots Mini's I had to get my hands on them, especially seeing as the whole ombre look is very in trend at the moment. This design comes in three different colours and is perfect for travel and hand bags this summer (I may have to slip these into my case for when I go to Spain). The tweezers are made of stainless steel and after having them for around a month now I am pleased to say that the pattern hasn't faded at all.

Before using Tweezerman's tweezers I always thought that any tweezer will do until I actually got my first ever Tweezerman's tweezers. Since then I don't think I have ever gone back and have used any other tweezers. Out of all their range I think this pattern is my favourite, not only is the ombre look very on trend but I also love the colours making it stand out against a pair of plain silver tweezers. 

The ombre pattern also comes in 'Itty Bitty Files' which are also mini sized so perfect for your handbag or to take on holiday as we all know how annoying it is when your nail breaks when away! The set includes 12 mini files in a stylish matchbox like case, they also come in three different shades! Despite the size of them I personally feel they do a very good job are are easy to use.

What do you think of these?

Gemma x

Friday, June 22, 2012

Liz Earle Products Review

Until around a year ago I had never even heard of Liz Earle, thankfully to the 'blogosphere' and how hyped up their products were I soon realised how amazing they were! My all time favourite is their Cleanse & Polish, since using it my skin has improved so much and I generally don't know where I would be about it! Even though I have already reviewed this product I felt that I needed to do a little update. To this day I still use this cleanser, I found that it has lasted me a long time even though I used it nearly every day (obviously I had to restock them). What I really love about this product, is that even if I do go a week without actually using the cleanser my skin is still clear and fresh. This cleanser is without a doubt my favourite and even though it may be more expensive than your average pharmacy cleanser I feel that it is worth it! 

After looking on Liz Earle's website I noticed their Deep Cleansing Mask, since finishing my exams ad having a little more time to myself I decided to try out this product and pamper myself once a week. The smell of the product is very natural and refreshing, I personally like the scent. After using this product about once a week for a month I noticed my face to be less oily and shiny. What I loved about this mask is that it didn't give a tight, itchy feel when drying and was actually quite soothing. The only personal downside to this mask was that I felt it was too runny making it slightly harder to put on compared to other masks. It was very easy when taking the mask off, I used Liz Earle's Muslin Cloth. The mask left my skin look refreshed, brighter and soft, it also added a slight matte touch to my face. I think if you have oily skin this product is perfect for your skin, although if you pick this mask to help get rid of any blemishes I don't think it works as well as some of the other masks I have tried!

What do you think about the products, have you tried them?

Gemma x


Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Collection 2000 New Multiplier Mascara


If you were to ask me my favourite mascara brand it would without a doubt me Collection 2000. Not one of their mascaras has ever failed to satisfy me and with their extremely low prices how can you ever say no? When finding out about their new Multiplier Mascara I had to try it and I instantly fell in love with it. This is probably my favourite mascara so far, it really lengthens, maximises and darkens my eye lashes helping my eyes stand out. I even sometimes go without eye liner (which I never do) as the mascara just makes me eyes pop.

The packaging is larger than your average mascara and, like in the photographs, you can see that the writing fades quite quickly but to be honest that doesn't bother me as it's the product inside that's the most important. What I love is that because the wand is so defined and small compared to some of their other mascara's it never actually clumps together allowing you to easy separate your lases. 

The photographs that you can see all have two coats on, another aspect that I love about the mascara is that you can change the type of look, whether you're out shopping or hitting the clubs the amount of mascara you put on can drastically change the effect. For now it is my everyday mascara, I am so happy with this mascara and is my all time favourite, it has tough competition for when I run out! At only £4.99 I will be seriously recommending this to all my friends and all you bloggers, you really do need this mascara in your life!

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Gemma x

Monday, June 18, 2012

Beauty UK

After trying out some of the Beauty UK products at an event I was dying to see what their other products were like. I'm always searching for the perfect foundation and I probably wear liquid eye liner everyday so I decided to opt for these!  The eye-liner is £2.49 and the foundation is £3.49 which is fairly cheap compared to other brands.

Starting with the foundation, I opted for the lightest shade as I'm quite pale although this was still dark for me! I'll just have to add this to my list of 'holiday foundation'. What I liked about the foundation was that it was quite light and easy to blend, despite it being too dark for me it blended well into my skin. It also was a very matte foundation which is what I prefer, you could probably even get away with not putting powder over the top of it! Overall, I think its a great foundation for it's price although I'm gutted it didn't do a lighter shade!

Moving onto the eyeliner, after using my pens from Collection 2000 it had some strong competition. This wasn't my favourite eye liner to apply as I found myself having to go over and over it again to get a pure black line. As you can see in the pictures, it isn't completely pigmented which was the only downside to it. Overall, I don't think I would purchase this eye liner as I love my Collection 2000 pen too much! 

Gemma x

Friday, June 15, 2012

Glamorous Dresses

After searching around online for similar shops like Missguided and Motel I came across Glamorous. They're clothes are fairly similar priced and have the same style as well! Seeing as I love dresses, above are my top 4 from their website that I will probably end up purchasing!

Check out some of their dresses, what are your favourites?

Gemma x

Thursday, June 14, 2012

Sneaky 50% Motel Sale!


Motel Rocks have allowed me to share a code and link to their 50% off sale even though it doesn't start til Wednesday, this will let you grab your favourite pieces before they go! With Motel famous for their amazing dresses this 50% discount will come in handy! Especially for my friend Sam as he loves wearing dresses (private joke)!

Here is the link to the secret selection of items on that will be in the sale, and with the code SECRETSALE50 at the checkout, you can take 50% off them all.

Gemma x

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Batiste - Holiday Essentials

I am the biggest Batistes fan you will ever meet so when I go on holiday I hate to be a part for 2 weeks! Even though I will be washing my hair everyday from the pool I still like a little freshen up the next morning of for the night. Batiste have their mini cans which are perfect for if you're going away! Even though they're meant to be for holidays as they're small I will probably end up taking all 3 as I love the scents. My favourite  will probably be he tropical as it reminds me of a holiday!

A massive tip for you all out there which I must admit isn't mine own but from Brookes and Brookes hairdresser! She said to spray Batiste in your hair and then use a hair dryer instead of rubbing it in as this helps banish the oil better. I havn't used it any other way since I think you get so much more out of your can by using a hair dryer as you use a lot less. 

Overall, these will be my forever holiday essentials as they're the perfect size and such a neccesity for me! 
What's your favourite Batiste?

Gemma x

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

teapigs review

After attending an event a few weeks back and receiving some teapigs teabags in my goodie bag I had to try some of their other flavours as I am a serious tea fan! I decided to opt for their 'everyday brew' and 'chocolate flake tea'. The chocolate flake tea really interested me as I do love a hot chocolate and tea so was intrigued to try the mix! 

The teabags are beautiful with the contents looking very fresh which makes this brand just that little bit extra special in my opinion. It is also very beautifully packaged with some great tips on how to make the perfect brew with them. They also explain everything they use which I think is personally important, comparing this tea to some of the other popular tea brands you can really see the different, teapigs use whole leaf which I think really adds to the flavour.

Firstly, I decided to try chocolate flake tea. Personally, it just wasn't for me, I wasn't very keen on the taste of it and probably wouldn't drink it again. So next I decided to try everyday brew and to my surprise it was delicious. You could really taste the flavours in the tea which I  loved as I am a lover of strong tea. I couldn't believe how fast I drank the tea, compared to my usual brands I could definatly taste the difference and cannot wait to finish the other packs! I'd be interested in trying some of other flavours too!

Would you want to try some of teapigs teas? 
teapigs have given me a 15% discount for my lovely blog readers by using the code BLOGGERS12 at the checkout!

Gemma x

Monday, June 11, 2012

OPI - I'm All Ears

When I was asked to review OPI's new range called 'Minnie Mouse' I jumped at the offer. I'm not really a pink girl and normally steer away from pink nail varnish if it isn't pale/nude but I was intrigued to see the colours that OPI had brought out and couldn't wait to try them. Firstly, I thought their names for the new colours were brilliant, I got to try I'm All Ears although I'm still very eager to try Nothing Mouise Bout It.

 This is quite a dark pink with a beautiful glitter base to it, I wasn't sure at first as it reminded me of a 5 year olds nail varnish although when on it is just as beautiful as I hoped! The pictures above are all with two coats of the nail vanish on, you can see the glitter isn't too'in your face' which i'm glad about as I don't usually like glitter based nail varnishes

While typing this up I am still wearing this nail varnish from about 3/4 days ago and it hasn't chipped one bit! I never seen to be dissapointed with OPI's amazing range and cannot try their new mint colour which you shall hopefully see next week! Like I said previously, OPI are my favourite nail varnish brand and will need strong competition to say otherwise! 

What do you think of this colour?

Gemma x