Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Collection 2000 Review

Collection 2000 are by far my favourite make up brand, the majority of their products work for me and are ever so cheap compared to other major brands. I have been sent out their new Naturally Matt Foundation so I'm really excited to review that one!

Collection 2000 Lasting Perfection Powder - 
I use this every day, it is the perfect powder for me. I hate shiny skin so once I've applied this it gives me a much more natural matt finish with a slight glow to my skin. Also the colour is perfect for me, I got this in Fair. I'm not sure it would stay 16 hours but it definatly stays on until I come back, I've never had to come back home and look into the mirror to a shiny face. I will definatly be buying this again.

Collection 2000 Illumination Touch - 
Now I decided to give this concealer a go seeing as my other favourite Collection 2000 concealer is running out. I don't think I generally like the twisty products as I always end up twisting too much and wasting the product. I love how smooth this product goes on as I feel the other concealer was very thick. This one covers up perfectly as if there isn't anything on my skin. I would use this one instead of my other concealer and definatly buy this!

Collection 2000 Naturally Matt Foundation - 
I got this in their lightest shade - Ivory and this makes me look like an orange, no actual exaggeration you can see a picture on my twitter. I usually get away with the second lightest shade in most of their products. Really dissapointed by this as Collection 2000 normally match my skin really well, I would probably use this when on holiday and have a bit of a tan as it is very light. It covers up fairly well too! Clearly I won't be buying this because of the shade difference but if they did lighter shades I would definatly give it another go as the liquid on my skin feels so soft and looks natural! It is also very matt so you probably could get away with no powder on top!

Gemma x

Monday, February 27, 2012

OPI Coney Island Cotton Candy

I was sent this OPI nail varnish the other and I was really excited as I had never used their brand before! I decided to get a pastel pink as not only are pastels in at the moment but this colour can go with anything! I am really happy with this nail varnish, so easy to apply and is thick enough that you could probably get away with just one coat. I decided to do a little 'nail design post' so you guys, i'm going to to try and make this a weekly thing giving you guys an idea of some easy designs you can do. I'd 100% buy OPI nail varnish's again there is nothing I can fault about them and they lasted around a week before chipping!

Firstly I put on a basic base coat and then applied 2 coats of OPI Nail Varnish, I was impressed with how quick it dried!

Now I have been using the Professional Nail Art pen &Brush from Argos although I am in need of getting some new ones so please do recommend me some!

I then did three 'arrow shapes' which are fairly easy to do, give them about a minute to completely dry and once it's dried go ahead and design each space however you want. 

I decided to go with a Aztec print as they are in fashion now. The last box can be some inspiration to you guys! Finish off with a top coat and you are ready!

If you would like me to do some more tutorials of nail designs just say so!

Gemma x

Monday, February 20, 2012

Liz Earle

Foot Spritzer - £7.50

When I got this the other day I was really excited as I have never tried a product like this before. You spritz your feet, legs and ankles with a cooling and invigorating burst of nine essential oils. It claims to keep your feet fresh and revived. What I love about it is that it's quick drying so you can simply spirtz your feet then carry on with whatever you were doing. I thought I'd try it now as in winter all I ever seem to wear is slippers and socks constantly keeping my feet warm. I do really love this product, it has a slight peppermint smell to it which I would normally hate but the smell is actually really nice compared to other peppermint scented products I've used in the past. I think I'd definatly buy this again, especially for the summer!

Tonic Spritzer - £12.50

Now I originally had the bottle of this but never really used it because I could never be bothered to find the cotton pads and then put it in so this spritzer is perfect for me. All you literally do is spray it around your face and neck and let it dry, which also doesn't take long at all. I try to do this every morning at night and so far there is nothing I could say bad about it. Yes it may be expensive compared to my old £2.00 toner but this has lasted me for ages and I do actually use this one.

Moisturiser - £18.25

Since being told I had dry skin instead of oily I tried to change some of products including my moisturiser. Now I found this one to be a little too heavy for me personally and didn't like to wear it under my make up as it took a while to properly sink in so I put this on of a night time. For £20 I'm not sure I would buy this again as it just isn't really for me however I really liked the other moisturiser from Liz Earle that I brought so I use that one under my make up.

Gemma x

Saturday, February 18, 2012

Nail Candy

These fake nail are by Elegant Touch and probably are my favourite. I tend to go for short, natural length nails and  these are the perfect length for me. They also have sticky tabs so no glue is needed which is a great plus as it is quick and mess-free when putting them on. Not only do they come pre-painted in different colours (purple, pink and black) they also come with designs which all you need to do is stick on so you'll look like a right professional! Surprisingly they don't come off as easily and you can also use glue if you want as the glue tabs aren't attached already.  I think these are great if you were going out and needed to buy some fake nails last minute as you can really bling them up or go for just a plain colour. The only thing that I would say I dislike about these nails are that when you take them off the glue tabs are quite fiddly to remove from the nail. 

The top photograph are the glue tabs. The middle and bottom photograph are the designs to put on your nails. I really love the fact that they come in all different sizes and shapes allowing you to also put these two designs together on one nail. Personally I prefer the blue diamant√© stickers as I prefer blue with purple than pink with purple but I think it is a really good idea to have more than 1 design in each pack so that people can pick between the two.I would definatly buy these again, I just wish they came in more colours and the pink for me is a little bit tacky.  

Gemma x

Friday, February 17, 2012

Chasing Rubies

(Awkward hand position)

Jacket - Primark
Blouse - H&M
Skirt - H&M
Scarf - Primark
Bag - Primark

This is what i'm wearing tonight, i'm going out with my friend Hannah up to central London, going to grab something to eat and probably have a few drinks. I got my hair cut yesterday, it's a lot healthier and thicker but it's short. I had my hair quite long before I got it cut so this is a big difference for me. This top is overly see through, especially because of the flash so I will be wearing a top underneath it, probably pair this with a pair of heels or something. 

Just as I'm writing this I have a parcel which reminds me, there will be a new weekly post starting up and I also have some amazing reviews for you guys with some new products, I'm not even sure if they're on the shelves yet!

Gemma x

Wednesday, February 15, 2012


River Island, Topshop, Newlook, H&M

So I've spent the last hour or so looking through 4 different brands (River Island, Topshop, Newlook and H&M) picking out black dresses and trying to make them look different. Hopefully this is some inspiration for you guys when dressing up your little black dress, i've tried to mix outfits with colour as well as sticking to black and white. The two outfits on the left are more night time outfits and the two outfits on the right are outfits to wear in the day time. I'd say my favourite is either the far left or far right, what's your favourite?

Gemma x

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Make up Review

So as you know there was a long period where I had stopped blogging and just after the new year I had been sent out some products. I have given it around a month of using these products to be able to really judge them. The first brand is Collection 2000, now these are probably my favourite and most used brand when it comes to make up, it's extremely cheap and I have found that the majority of their products are really good.

Shimmer Shades - Way to Glow

Now this is a palette with 4 different shades of bronzers/blushes, I chose this one over 'Blushalicious' as I felt I could use this one as a blush and bronzer because of the pale pinks in this one. It is perfect to take out with you as well as it is so small! I took this when on holiday instead of having to bring bronzers and blushes so it was perfect. Some of the colours are too strong because i'm very pale and sometimes they can come out a bit too glittery but apart from that I have nothing else bad to say about it! I'd give this a 7/10.

Steel Ice

Now again I chose this palette because it's compact and has 3 eyeshadows in, when i go to do photoshoots and all i want is a smokey eye I have to brin a massive palette but not anymore! I love these colours, I'd normally go for a brown smokey eye but this is more of a silver/blue smokey eye as I am in love with it. It's quite pigmented and has just the right amount of glitter to not look like a fairy when you go out! This is perfect to take in your clutch for a night out, I'd give this a 9/10.

Eylure Lash Voluminous

Now this is an Eylure mascara and when it was sent to me it said it was initially for false eyelashes, but i don't wear them a lot so I thought i'd try it as an every day lash. It has a really defined brush so i would say it seperates my lashes more than give volume, i use this underneath a mac or YSL mascara as they give more of an intense volume. I would probably give this a 6/10 but not buy it again as it doesn't really do much for me, I couldn't wear it alone, but if i were to wear false eye lashes then I would use this as it's got such a defined brush which is perfect to blend your eyelashes.

Rock Steady & Powder Puff
I put these 2 lipglosses together as I normally wear them together. I have reviewed the Cream Puff before and I would give that a 10/10, I'm not really a lipgloss person but because it was so moisturising and matt I fell in love with it. I saw a review on the Lock and Hold Lipgloss and had to try it for myself, I wouldn't say it lasts up to 6 hours but it has a beautiful smell and shine, I normally put this on top of cream puff when going out just to add a bit of shine. I would probably give this a 8/10 purely for the beautiful smell haha!

Collection 2000 & Eylure Felt Tip Eye Liner

Now I live by my Collection 2000 eye liner and probably wear it everyday, I recommend this to every single person as using this now takes me around 1 minutes to apply my eye liner to BOTH eyes in the morning. For the right image it's the left eye liner, you can see that you can easily to thick and thin lines and I find that it also lasts a very long time, I'd give this a 10/10. For the Eylure eye liner the applicator is slightly thinner than the Collection 2000 one and in the right picture you can see it doesn't come out as pigmented as the Collection 2000 eye liner so I would give this a 6/10, it's good for doing detail because it's smaller although you'd probably have to go over it a bit.

Collection 2000 Big Fake, Pump Up, Super Size

Now some of these I have brought with my own money and some are samples, I have nearly tried all the Collection 2000 mascaras and I think I may have found my favourite. Starting with the Big Fake I find this separates my eye lashes really well although doesn't give the volume that I would like it also has a really large brush making it hard not to actually smudge the mascara, I would give this a 6/10. Moving on, the Pump Up has a curved wand and I think this is genious, it helps get to all of my eye lashes and really does give the volume and thickness that I love, for a cheap mascara I wouldn't have expected such good results so I give this a 8/10. Lastly, the Super Size mascara, now this is a mascara that I have actually gone out a brought again and again, it give me such long eye lashes and the brush is the perfect size for me allowing me to get all my eye lashes without smudging! I'd give this mascara a 9/10.

Gemma x

Monday, February 13, 2012

February Use Up

Recently I've seen a lot of bloggers doing a post on their 'monthly use ups' where they put aside some products that they aim to get rid of that month. When reading about it I thought that it would be perfect for me as I have millions of products, probably years old that I havn't even touched up, so here is my February Use Up items...

Liz Earle Brightening Treatment Mask, Estee Lauder Perfumed Body Lotion, Cooling Hand Cream Gel, Body Shop Strawberry Body Lotion.

The Liz Earl Facial Mask I have used quite a bit but seeing as i'm on half term and will be at home quite a bit I thought i may as well use it up! The Estee Lauder Body Lotion has been sitting in my basket for over a year and I now have 2 which are both full! The Hand Cream has nearly ran out so while i'm sitting doing work on my computer I can finish this off. The Body Lotion was given to me by my sister because she didn't use it, I loved it at first I just never remember to use it!

Sanctuary 'Classic' Perfume, ELF Makeup Mist, Too Faced Foundation, Elf Tinted Moisturisor.

I have had the perfume for over a year now and have not touched it at all! I brought the ELF Make up Mist but never really bothered to use it so I'd probably use it for when I have no make up on rather than setting my make up with it. Too Faced Foundation isn't my favourite but the bottle is still full and i'm going to give it another try. The ELF Tinted Moisturisor is also full and I hated it as a foundation so I'd probably use this as a concealer.

Gemma x

Friday, February 10, 2012

Motel Rocks 20% discount


Motel Rocks is a brand i've recently become very fond of and to top it all off they are having a 20% discount today until Tuesday! Perfect timing to grab a dress for your date on Valentines Day.

I will now be back into the swing of blogging, especially after the Illamasqua event last night that i attended and will be blogging about soon! I met some lovely bloggers and had a relaxing manicure which was lovely, although the snow wasn't exactly the nicest thing to walk through back to the train station! This is only going to be a short post as I have a lot of filming for media to do and i'm also heading off to Portobello Market tomorrow if it doesn't snow anymore!

Gemma x