Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Win a trip to Paris

Really quickly i just wanted to say sorry for how much of a bad blogger i have been lately, i have had so much work and so much to do recently that i have had hardly any time to socialise let alone blog!

Anyway getting onto the exciting bit yes you can win a trip to Paris courtesy of Batiste! The way you can win is by uploading a photo of yourself using Batiste in unusual or exciting places to enter. You can also vote for the photo you think is best. Entering gives you chance to win a month’s supply of Batiste in daily draws. The full details and T&C are here www.facebook.com/batistedryshampoopage and the ‘Win a Trip to Paris’ button is on the left hand column. Good luck if you decide to enter!

Gemma x

Friday, September 09, 2011

elegant touch limited edition

I was sent these limited edition false nails from elegant touch a few weeks back and was eager to see what they would look like. The whole idea of ombre hair was kind of put into these nails and i guess they were styling but i wasn't loving the colour designs. Once receiving them they looked very metallic, just not the sort of things i would really go for. The colours were quite bold and dark where as i prefer pastel bright colours. Regardless of my taste on them i decided to put them on and see if they looked any better...

They were better on but did kinda remind me of a witch's hand haha! I think somebody more tanned could probably pull them off better than me but on a positive note they were soooooo easy to put on! Like i mean ridiculously easy! I have never applied false nails with glue so fast in my life and they stayed on quite well too! I think these are one of my favourite brands for false nails but the design of these weren't to my taste, maybe if they brought different colours out!

Gemma x

Thursday, September 08, 2011

witch primer

I have never ever used a primer before and must admit, i didn't know what it really did until i read about a few months ago on what it does! After finding out all the things it claims to do i really wanted to try one out! One that had been recommended to me was Witch's Primer. This claimed to not only make your make up stay in placed but also protect the skin from the causes of blemishes. 

It's a white/clear coloured product which is slightly thick. You need the tiniest amount ever to apply on your face as it spreads really easily. I was put off by the thickness as i didn't feel it would sink in to my skin but i was wrong. 

Once rubbing it in it was barely noticable! If anything it left my face feeling refreshed and dewy. I have combination/oily skin and was worried it would make my face look even more shiny but it didn't suprisingly! It doesn't really have a noticable smell, i did find that it kept my make up throughout the day but i'm not sure with spots. I mean i did get the occasional few but my face was pretty clear compared to a few weeks ago when it was terrible! I really like using this product instead of a moisturiser underneath my make up, i would definatly carry on buying this product!

Gemma x

Tuesday, September 06, 2011

september steals

Topshop Dress, New Look Clutch, H&M Skirt, Sigma Eye Palette, John Lewis Blouse

Gemma x

Monday, September 05, 2011

pantene products

So just over a week okay i got sent the Pantene Spa Inspired Range. My hair was pretty disgusting, i havn't had it cut for about a year so it's quite dry and dull with millions of split ends. I don't want to cut it even though that would be the best option so instead i decided to try out some of the Pantene range including their treatments to see if they could make my hair look less like a broom. 

The shampoo and condition i tried first on it's own. It has quite an elegant professional packaging which i find appealing. With the shampoo i 'lathered' twice, for the conditioner it said to apply it from your roots to ends which is quite strange for me as i normally apply it to the mid-length and ends. But anyway i did what it said and i was pleased the results, it didn't make my hair overly greasy the next day and once i blow dried my hair it was gleaming all over. The price of them each is £2.19 which i think is reasonable!

I then tried the Pantene Intensive Treatment. I had to apply it after i shampooed and conditioned, wait for 3-5 minutes then rinse it off. The only thing i didn't really like was getting out of the shower, applying it, waiting in the cold and getting back in. Although the results made up for it, this does make my hair that extra bit 'silky smooth'. For £3.99 i feel it's a reasonable price as the pot is quite big and you only need a little bit on your hair! I also wouldn't use it all the time i wash my hair, maybe just for when i'm going out in the evening or something.

Lastly the Panten Frizz Fight. This is my favourite treatment out of the 2 as all you need to do is apply it to your hair and then dry it like normal! It's so easy, quick, and just as good maybe even better than the Intensive Treatment. Thiis is £3.99 too but it's only 50ml. Although if i was to choose between the treatment's i would pick this one.

I've been using the range for about a week and a half now and my hair is feeling really healthy, silky and smooth. I never thought too much about shampoo's as i assumed they all do the same but this range has proved me wrong! 

Gemma x

Saturday, September 03, 2011

liz earle sheer skin tint

Sheer Skin Tint is a very light tinted moisturiser. It leaves your skin looking dewy, even and radiant. It has SPF15 plus their own blend of botanics, it sounds like heaven in a bottle right? It doesn't have an extremely distinctive smell and blends so well. It glides effortlessly onto the skin, blending easily to enhance natural skin tones.

It is quite a thick liquid although it doesn't cover blemishes as well as i hoped. Being a tinted moisturiser, it's the thickest and strongest one i've come across so far but seeing as i need a bit more coverage on my face i wouldn't feel comfortable going out just wearing this alone. 

As you can see, it blends perfectly into the skin making it look very natural and fresh. It comes in 3 different shades, 01 Bare, (the lightest) 02 Beige and 03 Beach (the darkest). I got 01 Bare although seeing as i received it after coming back from holiday it was too light for me. It is an extremely light base and so easy to blend although it doesn't cover problem areas very well. I think if my skin improved i would definatly start using this, it gives you such a healthy glow and is really good for your skin! 

Liz Earle's Sheer Skin Tint will be available online from 15th September 2011 and will retail at £21.00 (40ml).

Gemma x

Friday, September 02, 2011

giftbox galore

So a lot of friends birthday's are coming up but i have no idea what to give them! I found out about Giftbox Galore and they do the most beautiful boxes with lovely little treats inside them, either chocolatey ones or more bath time stuff. 

Now as you can see, it really is beautifully wrapped. With a gigantic red bow (you can choose what colour) it really does look special. If you're bad at wrapping or anything this box literally is delivered and is ready to give away straight away. 

Also inside is nicely presented with various chocolate's and fudge's all individually wrapped. It also had some scrunchy black decorative stuff in but i took that out so you could see the chocolate.

Now down to the chocolate, i'm not a massive fan of fudge so my mum helped me judge this one! They were extremely sweet. After eating 2 it was very easy to put the box back down (which is a good thing i guess). I feel they would be great if you fancied a little nibble. Now depending if the person you're buying for is a really big fan of fudge then maybe this box would be perfect for them but for me and my mum it was too much. 

I'de probably buy from them again but chose a different content like this as i know what they taste like and i prefer them over fudge and chocolate. Beautifully packaged and presented and a really good range of gifts.

Gemma x

Thursday, September 01, 2011

short & sweet eyelash's

The other day i recieved these short and sweet eyelashes from Girls with Attitude. Now i can honestly say i'm a complete false eyelash virgin yet have always been quite eager. I used to opt for longer ones and fuller ones as i said to myself, if i'm paying for them i may as well make a big difference, but those eyelashes were way too over the top so i never really ended up wearing them anywhere! These ones are called short and sweet and are the perfect length for me, they are slightly longer than my real eye lashes and actually do make them look a lot fuller. 

So these are my eye lashes with just one coat of Collection 2000's Supersize Mascara. 

This is with the short and sweet false eye lashes one and 1 coat of mascara on top. 

Pros: They were surprisingly easy to put on as they came with a little brush to help apply the glue. They stayed on fully and i really liked how they created the effect that i have eye liner on which is something i wear everyday.  They really did make my lashes look fuller and blended in really well. Also really comfy to wear!

Cons: I wasn't too sure on the material, it kinda reminded me of a broom's bristles but not as stiff. The lashes nearer the nose wouldn't really curl up no matter how many times i tried to curl them. 

Apart from a few little things, i think i have found my perfect false eyelashes!

Gemma x