Friday, July 29, 2011

blush professional

So the other day i received the most beautiful eyeshadow palette i have ever owned. It's from Blush Professional, you can check their website out by clicking the banner on the right. Their stuff is at a reasonable price and isn't one of those cheap eyeshadow palettes you could probably get from the pound shop, they have a really strong colour as you can see below where i did some swatches. 

I will probably be using this in all my make up tutorials, there is such a wide range of colours, it is packaged in a sleek black case and has different types of eye shadows like matt colours, shimmer colours etc... I think this palette is only £8.99. Even though there are palettes pretty similar i'm glad i got this one as the colours are strong and the shipping only took a day! Quick or what!

Here are some swatches from the palette just to show you how strong the colours come out, not only are there bright colours but there are some nudes and darker tones which would be great for a smokey eye! I think this palette has all the eye shadows you need, i strongly recommend this for people who need a wide range of tones as i find that some of my previous palettes came out quite dull where as this one is true to it's colour.

Gemma x

Thursday, July 28, 2011

diamond flicks

So these are just a little design i did on my sisters nails. She has quite short nails so the pattern wasn't overly creative, i just did simple flicks coming from a corner and then put a diamond stud in the corner. This pattern is something everybody could do.

I used ELF's Hot Pink and the black pen from Rio Professional's Nail Pens, the diamonds come with them.

This is just a close up image of the design, I will be doing a makeup tutorial on Sunday, hopefully my Blush Professional Eye Palette comes by then! Check out their website by clicking the banner on the right hand side and check some of their stuff. 

Gemma x

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

make up tutorials

I have now decided that i'm going to start doing make up tutorials so i would really appreciate it if you could email (you can find my email on the right hand side) or leave a comment on a tutorial that you would like me to do, it could be for a special occasion or even a tutorial on the eye image above that i did!

I have started by ordering an eye shadow palette from Blush Professional (click the banner on the lower right hand side) so i cannot wait to try it out and review it! I have recently found out about them and their Blush Cosmetics site and i am extremely impressed with their fast delivery and excellent quality! 

Looking forward to seeing what tutorials you guys would like!

Gemma x

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

batiste xxl volume

Some of you may have heard of Batiste's new XXL Volume dry shampoo and i was lucky enough to be sent out one of them! Once receiving it i couldn't wait to use it, normally i'm the type of person who doesn't believe that one product can change your hair but after using this i have hope in other products! This actually does what it says and smells beautiful with a funky design on the can.

Firstly I sectioned my hair from the top of my ears spraying along my parting then rubbing it in. Seeing as my hair was a bit greasy i also sprayed it on my normal parting (I had to draw over my face as that was an awful angle on my face!) That is literally all i have to do to give it a bit of volume as well as 'dry shampooing' it.


 Sorry they were mug shots but i thought i'de give you an idea of how it looked before and after using the XXL Volume. You can clearly see a difference and that this product actually works, not only does it look much better it feels much better and manageable! Really happy with this product, my all time favourite product from Batiste!

Gemma x

Monday, July 25, 2011

mini update

Just gonna keep it short and sweet but tomorrow you will see a review on Batiste's amazing XXL Volume! Also i will be doing a giveaway at 50 followers so please follow the blog (only 12 more followers)!

I'm a bit annoyed at H&M, i ordered some clothes from them and they now say they can't deliver it to me 2 weeks later of ordering it! Bit of a long story to get into but i was pretty annoyed, hopefully it comes before i go away to Spain!

I am also planning to go to Motel's Sample Sale in London! Really looking forward to it, i'm going to get there as early as possible to get my hands on some exclusive clothes at discount price! If it's not too hard for you to get there i really recommend you to go it's going to be a great day with free drinks and treats haha!

Gemma x

Friday, July 22, 2011

bbq face

Basically i have a BBQ from tomorrow afternoon to late evening so i kinda wanted my makeup to be a bit different yet not too OTT? I put a bit of bright blue under my eyes (only thing different) to make them stand out but i'm not sure on it...

What do you guys think?
Any suggestions as to what else i could do?

Gemma x

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

batiste's dry shampoo

These things are heaven in a bottle. I am so impressed with these and will forever buy them! They are mainly said to be great for camping but i use them all the time! I usually wash my hair every other day but sometimes my hair feels a bit greasy the next day. Thank god for Batiste, I literally spray a tiny bit on the line of my parting, rub it in and done! Yes it is that simple, quick, and easy. 

In the picture there are 3 different types, starting off with the smaller bottles in Original and Blush. These things are so handy and easily fit into any bag! As much as i don't mind the 'Original' smell i had loads of comments on how nice my hair smelt when i used the Blush. The bottle in the middle is called Boho and has to be my favourite so far! It is a much bigger bottle which means you get more value for your money. When i first used Blush i didn't think there could be another dry shampoo i loved as much until i smelt Boho, their new types are amazing and have such beautiful designs!

Overall, these are some of my favourite products that i will never stop using, they actually do what they say and make your hair look, smell and feel great! If you don't own one, you need to! 

Gemma x

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

stop giving me choices

So my mum brought me these 2 dresses in the Next sale, they are the same design just different colours and the blue one is a little too big. I'm in two minds about them, they look really cute, summery and floral but are they too bright? They would be more the kinda thing i would wear when i go to Spain but that's only for 10 days. So i need major help as i hate deciding!

What one do you guys prefer?
How could you dress it down?

Gemma x

Monday, July 18, 2011

long monday

So today i was meant to go and watch Transformers 3D, which i had been dying to watch but ironically i became ill last night and i'm not feeling any better. I've spent my whole day watching tons of films, lying on the sofa with a duvet and drinking plenty of water + lucozade. Yes it does sound relaxing, but trust me, after you've done it for a day it gets boring and all i really want to do is get up and watch Transformers!

I just wanted to do a little post now incase i don't get better for the rest of the week because all you would see was red nosed pictures of me in trackies for oufit posts. Big thankyou again, i have reached 30 followers, may not seem like a lot but it is to me, also i reached 41 views yesterday (my highest so far). I will start getting a giveaway orgranised for 50 followers because i just want to say a little thankyou!

Gemma x

Sunday, July 17, 2011

leopard print nails

I got these nail pens a few years ago and was first madly in love with them. I used to do basic designs until recently i've seen a few more creative yet simple designs and really wanted to try them out! My cousins came round yesterday so i tried them out on her. I was extremely pleased with the results, if only i could do them to myself (my right hand comes out horrible). 

If i get enough emails asking me to do a tutorial on how i did them i shall try to get a post together.

Lastly, i'de just like to say a massive hi and thankyou to my followers, i am trying to do different posts everyday but i'm slowly running out of ideas so if you guys wouldn't mind emailing me on things you'de like to read on my blog please do!

Gemma x

Saturday, July 16, 2011

little help from my friends

cardi: primark | top: h&m | belt: next | skirt: peacocks

This is just a little something i wore today to work. I don't think i could be more in love with my Beatles top, it has that weird thing going on where it has a Y shaped back. I think it was around £7.99, probably one of my favourite tops ever! I have also noticed that i wear this black cardigan a lot in outfit posts lately, i promise i do wear other colours! 

My dear mother went to the Next sale today and brought me some lovely dresses so hopefully if they look good you may get a sneak peak at them! I also have brought a ton of clothes online at H&M, with the majority of them being in the sale. I can't wait to try on my £2.99 dress that was originally £12.99, couldn't get a better bargain! So that's all from me today, not an exciting day but i'm seeing Transformers in 3D on Monday so i shall hopefully enjoy that! 

Gemma x

Thursday, July 14, 2011

summer evening outfits

Here are just a few outfits i've put together from different brands, they're probably what i would wear on holiday in the evening when going out for a meal or drink.


I think this outfit is super cute, i'de tuck the top into the skirt wearing the belt round the waist. I'de probably wear this when going out in the evening or lunch for a meal with the family. This is also such a cheap outfit with a lot of it in the sale atm! I really need to get to H&M

River Island

This is probably one of my favourite outfits, i did the whole aztec and feathers style here, i loveeee the sandles with their decoration they are also in the sale! I put this outfit with just a plain cardigan to dress it down a little and to add texture to the outfit. This is the kinda thing i would wear out with friends to an evening meal on holiday or something.


With having such a mad passion for blazers atm i love this outfit. The blazer and shoes add colour to the outfit yet it is really simple. I'de probably also put a brown belt through the shorts and keep the top untucked. This is the kinda outfit i would wear to go for a drink with friends.

Gemma x

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

charm and wisdom

Just a really simple outfit again seeing as i'm still at work experience in a primary school so i'm kind of limited to what i can wear. I currently am in love with blazers for some reason and keep wearing them with different outfits, this one is from Primark but i should really get a new one because the shape of this one is quite dodgey. I am also wearing my leopard print top from Peacocks, why do i not wear this more often?! It is unbelievably comfortable and without the blazer i feel it compliments my shape. Lastly, I just put on a plain black skirt from H&M and some dolly shoes! 

If you read my last post i recieved some acrylic nails and ended up painting them light pink, i have had a few compliments on them and i think they look great especially for their price! I am also wearing this ring which i am completely in love with, it's from Primark and only about 2 quid! Definatly need to get another one just incase anything happens to this one haha.

p.s sorry for cutting my head out, i genuinely looked like a pedo!

Gemma x

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

acrylic nails

 So the other day i received these acrylic nails from Blush Cosmetics and they arrived very quickly which i was rather impressed with. I had a few requests asking me for some acrylic nails that look natural and well these nails are the ones you want! They are only around 3 quid and are actually really good quality! So as soon as i got home i whipped them out and stuck them on, gave them a light pink coat and below are the results!


Definatly worth their money, i had never really heard of blush cosmetics before but with their super fast delivery and good quality products i will be definatly become a regular customer. The nails felt like they were my own and were extremely easy to put on. I also bought their acrylic nail cutters which i recommend as i had to cut mine down quite a bit to get more natural looking nails. So far, i'de give them a 9/10 as the red nail varnish i put on did stain them a little but they are brilliant nails, the best i've ever bought. 

Gemma x

Monday, July 11, 2011

monday's mood

Today i went to work experience in a primary school for the second week which i love to bits, i really want to become a teacher so hopefully i get into Roehampton Uni for the course! I wore a cute little blazer today which made me feel all professional haha. I often get mistaken for either being a new teacher or a supply at the school which is kind of cool i guess!

I am in such a great mood today, i had a really good day and there are very good looking p.e staff at this school, got a cheeky smile off one of them today. I am starting to think they are the only reason i'm enjoying it as much as i am but oh well! So overall, Monday has been a pretty good day funnily enough. Bring on tomorrow!!!

Gemma x

Sunday, July 10, 2011

the little things

cardi: primark | dress: h&m | belt: next | bag: peacocks

This is what i wore for work yesterday, i brought the H&M dress nearly a month ago and cannot wait to wear it in Spain (i shop way too early for holidays), obviously England is too cold atm for just a dress so i paired it with some tights and a cardi so i wasn't too cold! This belt is my favourite belt ever, i've really started getting into belts atm so you'll probably be seeing this one a few more times in outfit posts.

In London yesterday it was super windy so the dress wasn't very practical and i probably did get some looks but after i finished work it was really hot so as i walked to the bus stop i was thinking in my head 'haha how do you like your jacket now!'.

p.s sorry for cutting my head out and the gross background of my cupboard!

Gemma x

Saturday, July 09, 2011

candy girl

Above are just some of a few new pastel shade clothes that i am loving. I definatly want to get a few of them for when i go away to Spain as i think pastels are going to be a hit in the Summer. I can imagine the tops paired with some denim shorts and the trousers paired with a plain white top tucked in. 

Gemma x

Friday, July 08, 2011

fridays favourites

L-R      £3.50, £7.99, £9.99, £9.99 (All from New Look)

A short and cheerful post today and also a new post that i will be introducing every Friday!

Now before i go away to Spain i really want a nice floppy hat for when i'm down by the beach or poolside. A lot of hats that i've liked have usually been from New Look so today i looked on their website to see what kind of hats they have at the moment. The above picture are my 4 favourite floppy hats out of them all and are all pretty much cheap. I prefer the more tanned coloured hats and something of the second left design so if anybody knows a nice hat like that please comment!

Gemma x

Monday, July 04, 2011

review - elf products

Here is a quick review on some elf products i recently brought! I reviewed them on a fresh mind, without watching any reviews before i brought them so you can get my honest judgement!

Gemma x

Sunday, July 03, 2011

review - witch's blemish pen

 Not too long ago i recieved this Witch Blemish Pen.Now this pen is meant to be one of their recent products and have won the Silver Pure Beauty Award in 2010. 

 I felt that the brush/applicator was one of their biggest selling points because it really does make it easy and convenient to use. It's not a hard brush but stable enough for it to easily apply on the spots. I love the bright colours of the packaging and found it a convenient size. It may seem small but you don't need to apply that much!

After trying it for about a week it does reduce spots and redness in 2 hours which is great if you have a spot just before an evening out although there are a few things i personally disliked. The gel was hard to see and would dry straight away so i didn't know if i have put enough on.

I feel after using this product it's not something i would go out and buy again as i prefer to use sudocream. It's a great buy if you have literally a couple of spots and you need to cover up before you go out but that's about it.

Gemma x