Sunday, June 26, 2011

stripes + denim

A bit of a rushed post but i hadn't blogged in a while and needed to be on time for work! I wore this plain black skirt paired with a stripey top and denim shirt so it was quite loose as the day was going to be hot! My lived in black dolly shoes now have a hole in so i wore my black vans.

How can i only have brought this skirt the other week?! My original black skirt was from New Look but always went out of shape after the first hour of wearing it so i went to buy this H&M one for only £3.99! My forever loved bag is from Peacocks and was £12. My shirt and top are both from H&M. I wear this top quite often as it is really comfy and casual!

Gemma x

Thursday, June 09, 2011

review - fearne cottens make up brushes

I got these brushes as a present from christmas and have been using them everyday since. I know they were relatively cheap, maybe £20 for the set. I'm not really a brush person but since using these they have become part of my daily routine.

The left brush is my favourite and most used brush! Especially the top brush.Because of it being angled i find that my blusher and goes on a lot smoother and nicer, where as the bottom brush i mainly use for the apples of my cheeks. The brush on the right is extremely soft although i rarely tend to use the top part of that brush as i use my fingers to put on my foundation.

The left brush is my least liked brush, i find the top part of the brush is too flimsy.The bottom part is slightly larger but not as thick and strong as i would have liked it to be. The middle brush i use for blending concealer. I found that this brush was too thick so when i blended the concealer it would just clear it off my face. The right brush is one of my favourites. The top of it i use on my eyebrows, it is a nice thickness and gives a good natural look. The bottom part i use for eyeshadow and is soft and sturdy. 

Overall i think these brushes are definatly worth their price. The brushes were soft and the bristles were a good quality. I also really love the pattern of the brushes. I would give these brushes 7/10.

Gemma x

Wednesday, June 08, 2011

my night time routine

This is just a brief routine of what i do before going to bed. There's quite a main focus on the Spa Sanctuary Secret Facial Oil as it is my favourite product at the moment and one of the best products i have used!

Products include:
Simply Pure Make-Up Remover Wipes - around £2.50
Spa Sanctuary Secret Facial Oil - around £17.00
Sucodream - around £2.50

Gemma x